About us

The VIS Ltd company was established in 1992. The founder and owner of the company is Dačković Slobodan, BA with Honors in Mechanical Engineering, and it has been the family ownership ever since.

Above all, the basic activity of the company includes creation of brick industry products shaping tools, creation of pressure heads of various dimensions and shapes, etc.

Many years of experience in designing and creation, along with the continuous development of brick products shaping tools, made the VIS company an important partner for wide range of customers with the prospects of conquering even bigger markets.

The crucial condition for gaining the high-quality brick product is, among other things, correct direction of clay mass into the shaping tool, as well as the even flow of clay in the process of shaping on the tool. The shaping tool’s task is to create the brick product without internal voltage in clay, which is invisible at first, but during further drying and baking it appears in the form of fissures, curvature, concave or convey surfaces.

When designing and creating the tools, one should bear in mind that each type of clay has different characteristics, thus the construction should be adjusted to the raw materials’ characteristics

In the entire brick production chain, from preparation of clay to creation of the final product, the shaping process is only a small part, but it has a great importance for cost-effectiveness of production. Recently more and more tools for the simultaneous production of two or more products are being used, which significantly raises production capacity for our customers, and at the same time such tools encumber pressure head less since they enable leakage of bigger quantities of clay.

In the process of clay mass flowing through the tools the significant wear-out of all the tools element in touch with clay occurs, under great pressure and speed. In the most encumbered parts we install alluminium-oxide ceramics so that our tools could justify the customers’ trust. In other less encumbered parts, we install steel with high content of chrome, and we also apply chemical solid chrome coating.

In order to accomplish high-quality clay flow on our tools, among other things we provide the possibilities of the external, internal and extractive clay direction, along with clay direction on the very nuclei.

Pressure head is an element installed between press and the shaping tool. It has the task to balance clay movement from the front part of screw feeder that is partly rotary, into the even clay movement towards the brick shaping tool. Board gluing machine should be of such dimensions to enable the even guidance of clay to the mouthpiece. The routers (brakes) are installed on the four sides of the pressure heads, with task to optimally route clay towards the mouthpiece’s entryway.