The complex creation of mouthpieces requires the construction to be highly adjusted to working conditions, determined by the operating conditions on the press, as well as different manufacturer’s raw materials.

The task of the VIS company is to solve these problems for your convenience.

The abrasive influence of the mass shaped through the mouthpieces causes the depletion of mouthpiece and change in dimensions, with great quantity of clay being lost forever, and also the consumption of energy necessary for drying and baking of the products increases.

VIS can offer you good solutions for mouthpieces in which the wear-proof materials are installed:

  • refined imported steel with high concentration of tungsten and cobalt,
  • creation of aluminum-oxide ceramics,
  • combination of refined steel and hard metal (carbide tip),
  • combination of aluminum-oxide ceramics and hard metal
  • tungsten carbide hot coating

All positions on the carrying sections of the mouthpiece are thermally processed.

We possess the solutions of mouthpiece with the external clay leakage setting without removing the mouthpiece from the press.

We hope that you too will provide us with the opportunity to join you in solving your problem with the mouthpiece.